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Equipment Financing

Marlin provides customized financing solutions to enable you to innovate and grow your business. Financing options from $5,000 to $5 million.

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Marlin's Funding Stream

Marlin's fast and hassle-free process is the best way to obtain the working capital you need. You can use a working capital loan for anything your business needs.

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Franchise Financing

We provide advice and support that puts your franchise success first. Our focus is single and multi-unit operators in the restaurant, hospitality and automotive industries.

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Learn more about how Marlin offers competitive rate business certificates of deposit to help your business' capital grow.

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Marlin's Lending Options

  Equipment Financing Working Capital Loans Franchise Financing
Application Only Up To $150,000 N/A Up To $250,000
Funding Amount Up To $5 Million Up To $100,000 Up To $1 Million
Term 12 To 72 Months 6 to 24 Months 24 To 84 Months
Rates Fixed Fixed Fixed
Funding Timeframe As Fast As 2 Days As Fast As 1 Day As Fast As 2 Days
Payment Monthly Daily & Weekly Monthly
Common Uses Software
Technology Equipment
Restaurant Equipment
Medical Equipment
Office Equipment
Additional Staff
Increase Marketing
Business Expansion
Upgrade Equipment
New Stores
Working Capital
Equipment/Technology Upgrades
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